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LED 16" Widescreen Kit

Manufacturer: Aqueon
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The LED Widescreen aquariums are taller, wider and sleeker than traditional aquariums, providing an optimized viewing experience. They are equipped with a low-profile hood with built-in cool white LED modules that highlight the natural colors of fish and plants. The larger viewing area combined with a compact design and premium components make the widescreens perfect for any hobbyist or entry-level consumer.

Our Price $74.99 each
  • Additional Information
  • Unique aquarium design improves the view of fish
  • Significantly larger front glass area compared to a size 10 aquarium
  • Low profile, energy efficient LED hood
  • All the equipment needed to get started in one box!
  • Kit Includes:
    • Glass Aquarium
    • Low Profile LED Full Hood
    • QuietFlow 10 Power Filter
    • Medium Filter Cartridge
    • 50W Submersible Heater
    • Premium Fish Food Sample
    • Water Conditioner Sample
    • Fish Net
    • Thermometer
    • Set-up Guide