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NeoGlow LED Aquarium Kit 10 Gallon

Manufacturer: Aqueon

LED aquarium kits that add fun and color to any room! These kits feature a glass tank with colorful silicone that fluoresces under blue LED lighting. Also inside each kit is coordinating decorative plants and gravel.

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  • Aquariums featuring bright colors that pop!
  • Low profile hood with blue colored LED lights showcase the bright colors inside the aquarium
  • Available in three colors: lime green, pink and orange
  • A variety of shapes to choose from: column, rectangle, cube and hexagon


  • Glass Aquarium with Fluorescent Silicone
  • Low Profile Hood with Blue LED Lighting
  • QuietFlow Power Filtration
  • Multi-colored Gravel
  • Decorative Plants
  • Black Backing
  • Filter Cartridge
  • Premium Fish Food Sample
  • Water Conditioner Sample
  • Set-up Guide