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  • Vitakraft/Sun Fresh World Bedding Grey 450Ci

    UPC: 087535182203
    Fresh World Bedding is a paper based litter made with baking soda for superior odor control. Independent lab results show it to have the best odor control and absorbency of any small animal bedding on the market today. Simply put, it lasts longer in the cage and keeps your pet dry and comfortable, while the pet’s home remains odor-free longer.
  • Fresh News Small Animal Bedding 

    UPC: 850357002345

    Fresh News Paper Small Animal Bedding is the best bedding for your pet, the environment and your home! Quickly eliminates odors on contact with the help of baking soda keeping your pet's habitat fresh. It is made from 100% post consumer biodegradable paper; helping to reduce waste in landfills and save trees from being harvested. Fresh News Small Animal Bedding is 99% dust free making a safe and soft environment for your pet.

  • Zoo Betta Bed Leaf Hammock

    UPC: 097612240030 Manufacturer: Zoo Med Laboratories
    Zoo Betta Bed Leaf Hammock
  • Colored Aspen Bedding Blk 8Qt

    UPC: 091197330032
    Colored Aspen Bedding Blk 8Qt
  • Pestell Easy Clean Corn Cob Bedding 23L

    UPC: 068328041204
    The moderate price point on Pestell's Corn Cob Bedding makes it an economical option for the customer who cares for more than one pet. Perfect for birds, and an appropriate choice for many small animals and some reptiles.
  • Pestell Easy Clean Pine Bedding 113L

    UPC: 068328012204
    Provides a soft, comfortable and clean nesting area.
  • Absorption Carefresh Colors Confetti 6/10Liter

    UPC: 066380182255
    Festive color blend for the party animal! CareFresh Pet Bedding is made from reclaimed cellulose. It is biodegradable and flushable in small quantities. Promotes a more natural living environment than other bedding substrates! Patented formula ensures that it is free from pine & cedar oils, which may be harmful to small animals.
  • CareFRESH Crinkles Bedding Mardi Gras 6/1.5#

    UPC: 066380002799
    Crinkled paper bedding makes for a fun and comfortable environment for smaller animals, birds and reptiles. Non-toxic, low dust, and colors will not run or stain. Absorbs its weight in liquids to keep your pet comfy and dry; helps remove natural oils from ferrets. Controls odor 3x longer than the original. Made from recycled paper; 100% biodegradable and compostable.