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Victor Photography will be here December 1st and 2nd. Holiday Photos with your family or pets. Call for details! 
We will be CLOSED Thanksgiving Day, November 22nd! 


  • Delmonte Meow Mix Hairball Control - 5/6.3 Lb.

    By nature, cats groom themselves. Hair is swallowed during grooming and accumulates in the cat's stomach. This results in the formation of hairballs, which may irritate the cat's digestive tract. The ingredients in Meow Mix® Hairball Control Formula gently move hair through your cat's digestive system to help reduce the occurrence of hairballs.
    Please contact us for current pricing and availability.
  • Delmonte Meow Mix Indoor Formula 5/6.3 lb.

    Meow Mix® Indoor Formula is a 100% nutritionally complete meal for adult cats. High quality ingredients, including Chicken, Turkey, Salmon and Ocean Fish flavors, are formulated into an everyday meal your cat will love.
    Please contact us for current pricing and availability.