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We are working with SNAP to Foster Cat at both of our store locations in need of Forever Homes!
Carry-outs to your car are always available!


  • Ethical Remote Control Micro Mouse in Blister Package

    Remote contraol mouse toy is sure to drive your cat crazy. Rechargeable.Place batteris in unit and turn on. Place on floor and " drive mouse " for hours of fun
    Please contact us for current pricing and availability.
  • Kong Naturals Natural Mouse

    The KONG Naturals Mice are specifically designed to appeal to your cat’s natural hunting instincts. The crinkle sound instantly sparks curiosity — and the combination of natural fabric and catnip provide exercise and entertainment. These toys are designed to appeal to the natural stalking and hunting instincts of the indoor cat. KONG Naturals are ecologically responsible cat toys. The materials and dyes used come from natural, renewable resources.
    Please contact us for current pricing and availability.